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The Paddy Murphy Story 2011

Posted by admin On March - 30 - 2011

You ask me who was Paddy Murphy? Questions like that usually come with a two-drink minimum. But you seem like a straight shooter, so I’ll humor you with the story.

Picture yourself in 1920’s Chicago. Business is good, life is easy, and Al Capone’s crime syndicate is the red-hot center of guilty pleasure for the city’s movers, shakers, and social elite. Every day unmarked barrels are smuggled into and around the country to fuel America’s favorite pastime by night. Capone’s top bootleggers move from safe-house to speakeasy, staying one short step ahead of crack teams of Federal agents, and the gangsters pull every devious trick in the playbook to keep it that way. After all, blood ruins the flavor of whiskey.
In the middle of this story, somewhere between history and legend, we come across Paddy Murphy, an imposing Irishman whose temper and wits were always in a race to see which one was quicker. Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and baptized in the Fountain of Youth, some say he was breast-fed from a shot glass. As a boy it’s rumored that it took him until Tuesday to finish his confession from Saturday night, so he gave up guilt for lent. As a man he became one of the most respected mobsters in Chicago, and he was famous for carrying two large guns. One was a Thompson. You can guess what the other one was. Someone once reported that he brought a knife to a gunfight just to give the other guy a fighting chance. But stories, like the love of a beautiful woman, are meant to be enjoyed and should never be taken too seriously.
What we do know is that the members of the Chicago underworld weren’t the only ones with an eye on Murphy. Frustrated with repeated failed attempts to reign in the bootlegging syndicates, the Feds gave the job to Elliot Ness, one of the most ruthless agents in the country, and one of the few men whose name could put a flash of fear into Al Capone’s eyes. Ness and his men moved into Chicago, and it wasn’t long before whatever bootleggers hadn’t skipped town were given the choice between a set of silver bracelets or a lead makeover. All the bootleggers, that is, except one.
One night, on an anonymous tip, Ness and his men surrounded an abandoned warehouse on the south side where Murphy and his men were supposedly preparing a shipment. They stormed in with guns drawn and, in the chaos, Ness ordered Murphy to surrender. Murphy disagreed with that suggestion, and he reached for his gun instead (the Thompson, not the other one). Ness fired and delivered a fatal wound to the mobster’s chest. As he walked over to read Murphy his rights, the Irishman reached out his hand and gave Ness the handshake that no brother of SAE can mistake. The agent realized what he’d done as he looked into the dying eyes of his fraternal brother. The history books would never show it, but it’s been said that Ness dipped into one of the whiskey barrels that night and went shot for shot with his brother, as it were.
The long and short of it is that Ness ordered an honorary funeral for Murphy, complete with a traditional Irish celebration of life, death, and all the joys and vices that go with them. This tradition is carried out once a year by the brothers of SAE. But, of course, bars are for talking and life is for living, and sometimes you just have to be there to know.
In addition, Paddy Murphy was known as quite the philanderer.  His will bequeathed his entire estate to his wife, however he did not specify who his wife was.  Seven women in total stepped forward, claiming to be Paddy’s old lady. 

For this week, each sorority will be assuming the role of one of these women, competing against the other sororities to prove their worthiness to be Paddy’s wife through participation in events, attendance, and overall “spirit.”  In addition to the crown of Paddy Murphy champion, the winning sorority will win $1000 for the charity of their choosing.


Spring 2011 Pledge Class

Posted by admin On March - 6 - 2011

The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are pleased to announce our spring 2011 Pledge class. Congratulations!


  1. Dan Rifkin
  2. Chad Bernstein
  3. Ross Weitzer
  4. Jason Schafer
  5. Ian Solomon
  6. Jordan Zelin
  7. Preston Peters
  8. Taylor Jody
  9. Charles Akinboyewa
  10. Brandon Bridgers
  11. Felipe Toso
  12. Tony Busa
  13. Mark Colvin
  14. Joe Hubbs
  15. Richard Murray
  16. Carter Oakley
  17. Henry Spalding
  18. Russell Suskin
  19. Drew Pawlan
  20. Dan Rosenbloom
  21. David Weiss
  22. Alec Burkin
  23. Will Thuell


Hitched Volume III Speed Dating – AΦA ΣΑE

Posted by admin On February - 10 - 2011

The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, Delta Zeta Chapter  And The Brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Chapter

Presents: Hitched Volume III

We would like to invite you to Hitched Volume III our annual Valentine’s Week Speed Dating program. We are doing it big this year!!! New Location, Bigger Crowd!!! And First ever collaboration. AΦA ΣΑE

Our program Hitched, was inspired by “Hitch” (the movie) starring Will Smith. It is essentially a night of entertainment that includes lighthearted speed dating, centered on peer networking, in an effort to increase social diversity. As host of the event, our role isn’t to play professional matchmakers, but to create an atmosphere that introduces an encouraging environment for relationships, through innovative facilitation, and provide a great place for networking and getting to meet new people on the SU campus.

This event kicks off the first event for our Lovers & Friends Week.


SAE Presents Just Dance

Posted by admin On February - 17 - 2010

The ONE AND ONLY ΣAE Just Dance 2010 is here! The most anxiously anticipated event of fall has finally arrived and we couldn’t be more excited to have you participate.

Who: Any FASA recognized sorority on the Syracuse University campus.

What: A friendly dance competition. Dances should have no less than 5 participants. Each team will be assigned two “choreographers” from ΣAE to help through the process and provide some “creative” input. The winning dance will be decided based on originality, chemistry, creativity and overall performance by impartial judges.

Where: HBC’s Gifford Auditorium

When: November, 18th. 7:30pm.

Why: Come out to support a great cause! Half of the proceeds go to our chapter charity: Golisano Children’s Hospital. The other half of the proceeds will go to the winning sorority’s charity of choice! Not to mention the long awaited opening number by the gentleman of ΣAE, well known and renowned as the best dancers on campus. And a fantastic “stroll” dance by the sisters of Omega Phi Beta!

How: Teams will prepare a routine of no longer than five minutes to a song of their choice. Songs must be submitted for approval by November 14. Songs containing excessive foul language or inappropriate themes will not be permitted. Each team will be judged directly following their performance, but scores will be announced at the conclusion of the competition. The team that has the highest score at the showcase’s conclusion will be announced the winner of ΣAE: Just Dance 2010. Prior to performing, teams will be given the opportunity to say a few words about the charity for which they are competing.

So remember, the more people that come the more money we make, the more money we make the more you can (potentially) win for your house’s charity! Invite your friends, invite your family, invite people you hate, who cares. Just show up, step up, and have fun.

You have officially been served.

Paddy Murphy

Posted by Daniel Bagnall On May - 2 - 2009

The story of Paddy Murphy

In 1920, one of the personal habits and customs of most Americans suddenly came to a halt. The Eighteenth Amendment was put into effect, which effectively put the end to the importing, exporting, transporting, selling, and manufacturing of liquor and alcohol. This was the dawning of bootlegging, which rapidly swept across America in the early 20th century.

Paddy Murphy, according to SAE legend, was a bootlegger who was doing deals with Al Capone. Murphy was considered to be a loyal servant to Capone, but seduced Capone’s wife. While on the run, Murphy an SAE, was being housed in an Illinois SAE chapter house. McSorely, a loyal follower of Capone, and his band eventually found Paddy and his men. The two gangs fought, as they did McSorely pulled out his gun and shot Paddy Murphy.

As Murphy fell to the ground, dying of a wound inflicted by McSorely, he gave him the secret handshake that only the brothers of SAE know. McSorely, an SAE himself, realized that he had killed a brother of his fraternity. McSorely ordered that Paddy Murphy have an honorary burial, in recognition of his fallen brother.

The Penis Monologues

Posted by Daniel Bagnall On May - 2 - 2009

On Monday, April 13th 2009 the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon presented the first annual Penis Monologues. Starting promptly at 7:30, sisters from all sororities helped fill Grant Auditorium to maximum capacity. Tickets were sold at the door for $3 and all the proceeds went to Golisano’s Children Hospital. Clips and a video of all the performances will be available shortly. Thank you to everyone who helped put the show on and to all the girls in attendance.

Candle Fundraiser

Posted by Daniel Bagnall On May - 2 - 2009
  • CandlesThe brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon have developed a fundraiser for the kids of Golisano’s children hospital. It is a candle fundraiser that consists of some of the best smelling candles in the world. The company (Scent-Sations inc.) sells all-natural, cleaner burning candles, less soot, infused with scent all the way to the bottom so the first smell is as good as the last, double wicked for an even burn to the bottom of the jar.
  • If you live in a dorm or house or office that doesn’t allow open flames, we have a dorm room safe product that uses a forty-watt lightbulb to melt scented wax into a pot and gives off the same strength and aroma of any classy candle, called a Simmer Pot, which you can order from our website.(picture below). These candles are perfect for the typical college student who wishes to keep their room smelling fresh and clean while keeping it safe.
      TO ORDER PRODUCTS, VISIT OUR WEBSITE- at . All purchases will help benefit the Golisano Children’s Hospital.