In New England, winter weather and snowstorms are treated with respect and acknowledgment of the damage they can cause.

However, just as winter storms can wreak havoc on a roof, summer storms can cause just as much if not even more damage. After any particularly harsh storm or seasons have your roof analyzed by a Massachusetts roofing contractor to ensure your roof is in top shape.

Moisture in the summer is the trigger to many severe storms including thunderstorms, hurricanes, and even tornados.

Most damage caused by these storms comes from flying debris, heavy rain, and high winds. Additionally, flash flooding can deteriorate the structure of a roof, along with objects falling and damaging the roof membrane.

Since severe storms in the summer can be devastating and deliver little to no warning, it is essential to be prepared. If you are concerned with the condition of your roof, here are some steps to take to prepare it for summer storms:

  • Keep gutters free of debris and water
  • Trim tree branches that are near the building structure
  • Secure any loose items
  • Cover doors and windows

After a storm, it is important to look for any problem areas where damage may have occurred. If there is any damage you should photograph the damage right away for the insurance company. It is always a good idea to have your roof inspected after a storm, even if there is no immediately noticeable damage. Have a roofing professional Tewksbury roof and repair and replacement examine for all possible issues such as:

  • Damage to membrane – cuts and tears
  • Cracks or wear to exterior walls
  • Ponding water
  • Damaged or missing HVAC equipment
  • Curvation or loss of shingles
  • Decay or stains
  • Clogged or damaged vents

Getting your roof analyzed from a Boston commercial roofing service after a storm can help to keep costs low for repairs and prevent further structural damage. Do not wait too long for roof repairs or you will be spending a lot more money than you would if you checked your roof right away.

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